A more than 100 lawyers strong team, 50% of partners, 10 years of experience in average, all legal fields represented, many languages geared with a multi-skill squad and a strong IT backbone.

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In the 21st century, beyond buzzwords, there is nothing new under the sun in the legal industry. Same mistakes in purchasing and operating legal services are done every day. But a few people look at this rationally.

Are you one of them?


The Legal Agency, GOlegal, is a radical business model innovation.

We designed it to deliver the best answer to the pains plaguing the legal industry: prices, market opacity, missed deadlines and non-pragmatic outputs.

Want a reactive, predictable, resilient and scalable legal power?


We do so by:

  • Putting your long-term satisfaction as our main KPI
  • Delivering you the benefit of our model: transparent and predictable legal services- AND
  • Sharing our operational expertise and increasing your own legal operations excellence: legal operation consulting

Still not convinced ?

Have it your way !

You can use our expertise as you please:

  • For one or multiple missions;
  • For legal advising or legal operations consulting;
  • Remotely or in your premises;

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Sounds familiar ?

Missed deadlines

Missed deadlines

Solving client challenges requires more than a one-way interaction and delivery of theoretical generic knowledge. It necessitates to iterate to “translate” the theory into concrete actions tailor-made to the specific context of the client. If not planned initially, it may lead to unexpected mission extensions & eventually missed deadlines.

Lack of pragmatism

Lack of pragmatism

Legal advice is often too theoretical, generic and in essence difficult to translate into concrete actions.

Budget overruns

Budget overruns

The use of hourly-based pricing structures makes it possible to be protected against inadequate initial scoping of the intervention.

In the end, the risk of financial unpredictability is borne by the client.

Profile mismatch

Profile mismatch

The diversity of expertises and level of experiences in the legal sector makes it hard to find and then choose the right profile(s) for a specific assignment.
Repeating that cumbersome process every time that you require outside legal support not only makes you lose time and focus, but the profile selection and outputs delivered might sometimes end up being less promising than expected.

Our ambition

We believe there is a strong potential in the legal sector to increase added value to clients. In fact, the legal sector is probably one of the few who hasn’t been through a profound revolution in terms of operational efficiency and customer experience over the last decade.

There is a gap between the actual pure content-driven practice and the vision we have of a more pragmatic, agile and customer-centric approach.

Transition is slowly emerging and we ambition to be a major driver of that shift.

Who are we working with ?

Most of our assignments go further than pure legal or compliance challenges. There are often other business dimensions impacted.

As such, many business lines of traditional organizations can also benefit from our services, such as:

We help legal counsels and their teams on various aspects of their internal operations:

  • Efficiency boost: as an external facilitator through a 4-week traject to identify efficiency gain opportunities
  • Outsourcing: as a trusted business partner when the internal team faces capacity shortage, requires additional expertise on specific subjects or has to deal with complex implementation projects.
  • Digital back-office : as a legal tech specialist to set up and maintain a digital backbone platform similar to ours to efficiently drive, support and follow-up all internal operations

We help compliance officers and their teams on some aspects of their internal operations:

  • Governance framework: from a risk-based perspective, we can assist in setting-up an efficient compliance governance framework tailored to the organization’s ambition and specific context (sector, size, …)
  • Outsourcing: as a trusted business partner when the internal team faces capacity shortage, requires additional expertise on specific subjects or has to deal with complex implementation projects.

SME’s having no or a limited set of legal profiles internally can rely on GOlegal to outsource their legal duties on a punctual or recurrent basis.

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