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Our clients enjoy the following benefits

Our approach

The combination of 3 unique levers enables us to stand out from other traditional legal suppliers.


Legal experts community

A comprehensive, diversified and qualitative community to cover all needs

Qualitative community of local experts

Legal experts (lawyers, jurists, notaries, bailiffs, …) can apply to become a registered supplier of GOlegal. We make sure to have a comprehensive, diversified, local and qualitative community in order to be able to respond to all our client needs in terms of legal domain (corporate, social, fiscal, IP, …), language (EN, FR, NL, …) and criticality (juniors, seniors, …).

Internal project management expertise

Value in approaching legal challenges as projects

Internal project management expertise

We believe there is value in breaking every legal challenge – whatever its size and complexity – into a fluid sequence of actions. Every action is then assigned to the right (internal or external) profile based on its experience and expertise in order to maximize added value and optimize cost-quality ratio for the client. Every assignment becomes a “project” and is managed as such with the best practices of the market.

Digital tools

Operational efficiency is the backbone of our value proposition.

Digital tools for optimized delivery coordination

In order to be able to track, manage, follow-up, challenge and coordinate every one of the assignments entrusted to us by our clients, we rely on innovative digital tools developed inhouse or sourced after careful market research.

The process

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