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Are you satisfied with your employee turnover ?
Do you believe their pay is fiscally optimized ?
Would you be interested to limit your HR costs or raise your employee’s pay ?

GOlegal assesses you situation regarding the compensation & benefits optimization potential of your workforce.

We work in a 3-step approach:

  1. Objective setting: you brief us about your context and the objectives you have about this assignment
  2. Population analysis: together with you, we group your employees inside different categories based on a variety of criteria such as responsibility nature, experience,  expertise, …
  3. Assessment: for every one of the selected population, we perform an analysis of their actual remuneration structure & level, we detect potential areas of optimization, their related financial implications (social & fiscal; both from the employer & employee perspective). We then priorize those different optimization areas based on their respective complexity in terms of implementation and your previously stated objectives.

Depending on the number of populations to be analyzed and the availability of your resources, this analysis can be perfomed in a reduced timeframe, as short as a week.

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