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You create, content, code for software, websites, applications, graphics, texts, advertisements, … ? Do you know you can reduce your taxes with confidence ?

Many IT professionals, CEOs and creative people are not aware that they can take advantage of one of the latest tax niches in Belgium: the copyright concession contract.

Some facts:

copyright income can be taxed at 15% (or even less) instead of 50 to 65% on your professional income. Thanks to this service, you can  save potentially large amounts of money per year. On average, 12k EUR/year are saved and the investment is profitable from the first year. Why would you deprive yourself of it?

However, be careful: the tax administration ensures that abuses are avoided through systematic targeted controls and eliminates misuse of the system, which is legitimate in itself. The use of “ready-made” model agreements that are not necessarily adapted to your situation may either lead to the application of an inappropriate regime, thus opening the door to an obvious tax risk, or to you losing part of this tax advantage, which is a pity.

Only tailor-made advice can achieve the right balance between tax security and tax savings.

The best option for you? Optimization, security and expertise.

Our team will:

  1. Invite you for a first meeting where your situation will be weighted under different angles, especially from fiscal and IP standpoints;
  2. Evaluate to which extent this system can be beneficial to you;
  3. Draft your contract if you chooses to move forward with this;
  4. Invite you for a second meeting where you will receive:
    • An optimized contract showing you the benefit of using this system;
    • A demonstration of the benefit of this optimisation compared to a ruling procedure (still possible if you wish);
    • A practical note for your accountant including all the additional formalities to be respected: invoice, VAT, withholding tax, etc.

This follow-up meeting ensures that you are ready to operate with your copyright regime in complete serenity.

One last thing : no cure no pay !
If this system is not profitable to you, we stop the service and do not charge you a cent for the work performed.

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