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Corporate law is a branch of business law, itself part of private law, which governs commercial companies. It governs the life of companies and contains all the rules that you, as a partner, are required to respect in terms of creation, operation and dissolution.

Whether you are a public limited company (PLC), a limited liability company (LLC), a cooperative society (also called co-operative or COOP) or a general partnership (GP), company law applies to all legal forms of companies.
Company law also refers to the types of relationships between the different actors of the company:

• Investors
• The leaders
• Directors

The law considers a company to be the result of two or more people pooling their goods, rights, capital or services for a given purpose/activity, which their agreements determine, with the aim of sharing all the costs and benefits associated with this given activity. This object may be civil or commercial.

Nevertheless, the law allows the creation of a one-person company. A company must choose a legal form that gives it a legal personality.

Like a sole proprietorship, the legal personality of a company allows its partners to limit their liability to creditors by protecting their personal assets.

Whether you are a Belgian or a foreign investor, a company will be considered Belgian and subject to Belgian company law if its registered office is located in Belgium.

In order to assist you at every stage, from the incorporation of a company to its liquidation, which is a judicial matter, it is therefore recommended that you call on a lawyer specialising in company law.

Our team of experts, in contact with many other peers, offers you support for the development of your company from a legal point of view, both in terms of advice and recurrent assistance, such as corporate housekeeping, which is supported by software, and in terms of litigation.

Over the years, we have developed specific expertise in analyzing the legal issues that our clients face during the life of their business. At GOlegal, we place particular emphasis on a thorough understanding of our clients’ business and needs, as well as the restrictions associated with the restructuring of multinational companies, in order to make your job as easy as possible.

Our specialist lawyers offer you legal and commercial advice regardless of the legal form of your company, the type of client, the subject matter, the language or the jurisdiction, namely :

• Scaleup & Innovators
• SMEs & Freelancers
• Non-profit organizations (NPO)
• Legal and compliance departments

We regularly put our network of specialized lawyers in touch with our clients in order to offer a service tailored to the legal problems of each client.

Whether you are a foreign company wishing to develop its activities in our country or a Belgian company wishing to develop its activities abroad, our team will be your ideal partner in all aspects of corporate law. We will provide you with at least one lawyer working on site or remotely with the support of other lawyers in our firm.

We offer support and legal services at every stage of your company’s life.

The creation of the company

The constitution of a company requires the choice of its structure and legal form. The drafting of the articles of association requires the expertise of a lawyer specialized in corporate law and more specifically in business law. That is why at GOlegal, we offer a complete accompaniment in the constitution of your company in order to guide you towards the best possible path.

We also intervene in :


The drafting of the shareholder agreement, i.e. the organization of the relationship between the shareholders and the relationship between them and the director, as well as the legal publications

Capital transactions and securities issues

Corporate housekeeping, i.e. the keeping of legal documents


Oversight of decisions


Assistance in the execution of formalities (compliance)


Assistance to a shareholder in the context of a share transfer


Protection of the company’s intellectual property

We also intervene in cases of litigation and disputes such as :

Commercial Litigation

Administrative Litigation

Tax litigation

Financial litigation

The role of the specialist lawyer is to advise his clients on possible solutions in order to reach a decision. If an amicable resolution is not possible, he will be mandated to defend the company during the legal proceedings.

Business growth

Is your company growing and expanding or are you considering dissolving or liquidating the company?

Whether it is for the acquisition or disposal of companies, assets or shares, this requires the intervention of suitable lawyers.

At this stage, we intervene in the framework of :

• Legal audit
• Drafting of letters of intent
• Drafting of contracts
• Sale of shares
• Transfer of shares
• Asset and liability guarantee agreements

Company in difficulty

Due to unfair competition or a lack of legal expertise, your company can quickly find itself in default of payment during its existence. In this case, the company in question will be investigated by the commercial courts to determine whether or not it is solvent.

No matter what the verdict is, our law firm will help you through this difficult stage either :

• For a financial turnaround
• Or for a liquidation of your company.

If you wish to benefit from our expertise in the field of corporate law with the help of lawyers adapted to your problems and able to offer you a tailor-made solution, do not hesitate to contact us. We can be reached by e-mail and on our website GOlegal and will contact you within 24 hours.

Our approach


Needs scoping

We study your situation and your objectives together in a structured 360° way.


Solution definition

We mobilise our best experts to define the deliverables and the best approach to achieve them.


Your validation

The approach and associated fixed budget is presented to you for validation. It is only after this step that the execution is launched.


Project management

GOlegal manages the project from A to Z to deliver exactly what has been agreed.


Delivery & feedback

We deliver what has been promised and finalise our services with you. 

donatien cassiers, co-founder of GOlegal

Our teams of lawyers and legal experts will be at your side to help you make sense of it

This can be for :

  • Architectural contracts
  • Commercial lease contracts
  • The reclamation of goods blocked at the port
  • The protection of your personal data

We excel in many areas, so please contact us for more information.

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