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In your legal / compliance department, how could you do more with the same resources ?

Which legal tech(s) could help you ?

What should you do in-house vs externalize ?

Over the course of a 6-week program, we deliver the necessary insights to optimize the internal operations of your legal department.

We follow a 3-step approach:

1. Diagnostic phase (2-3 weeks)

We provide the tools and support to collect relevant data. First, through an objective-setting workshop together with (a subset of) the management in order to get a clear view on your challenges and actual organization. Then through the use of a specialised diagnostic tool to analyze in-house counsel environments.

The objective is to capture, through typically 2 to 3 weeks of tool usage, a representative sample of the work being performed inside the department in order to analyze its source, its nature, its workload, the distribution of responsibilities amongst colleagues, …

About the tool: it is NOT a timesheet module nor a control tool for managers ! It is simple, intuitive, legal user-friendly, cloud-based, multi-device enabled, safe, secure, confidential & anonymous. It does not require any installation, extensive training or additional management time.

The necessary support is of course provided throughout the diagnostic phase (briefing / kick-off with all participants, user support, data quality monitoring) to ensure practical & meaningful outcomes.

2. Analytics phase (2 weeks)

We analyze the results and identify the biggest factors affecting your work though a quantitative analysis of the data extracted from the tool combined with qualitative feedbacks from smaller group workshops. We then compile our key findings into interactive support materials for the next phase

3. Solutions phase (1-2 weeks)

We translate the data into actionable outcomes. Based on the key findings from the previous phase, we organize a co-construction workshop with the same (subset of) management implicated at the begining to make sure we adress all pains & constraints identified in the first phase.

Our final recommendations are compiled in a pragmatic report of which the executive summary is also communicated to all participants.

We are of course well-equipped to follow-up with the implementation of said recommendations if you choose to do so but it is not a requirement for lasting results as our final recommendation report is designed in an intuitive, pragmatic and actionable way.

In essence, this short journey aims at pinpointing the most effective ways to free up your internal (legal & compliance) resources, so they can focus on what matters most for your organization and for themselves.