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Your legal team – legal departments or law firm – struggles with its operations ?

Are you aware of some legal tech but feel unsure about what would meet your needs ?

In terms of efficiency, what are the pain points? How to prioritize them? What is their impact on your efficiency? What are the root causes?

In essence, this short journey aims at pinpointing the most effective ways to free up your internal (legal & compliance) resources, so they can focus on what matters most for your organization and for themselves.

We follow a 3-step approach:


If you know exactly what you want to improve and the root causes of your operational issues, you can jump to STEP 2.

If, like most clients, operational efficiency is an acknowledged “blind spot”, a first diagnostic phase is a necessity.

The objective is to capture, through typically 2 to 3 weeks of tool usage, a representative sample of the work being performed inside your team / department in order to analyze its source, its nature, its workload, the distribution of responsibilities amongst colleagues and all other relevant data to find a solution to your specific challenges.

About the tool: it is NOT a timesheet module nor a control tool for managers ! It is simple, intuitive, legal user-friendly, cloud-based, multi-device enabled, safe, secure, confidential & anonymous. It does not require any installation, extensive training or additional management time.

The necessary support is of course provided throughout the diagnostic phase (briefing / kick-off with all participants, user support, data quality monitoring) to ensure practical & meaningful outcomes.

We analyse the results and identify the biggest factors affecting your work though a quantitative analysis of the data extracted from the tool combined with qualitative feedbacks from smaller group workshops. We then compile our key findings into interactive support materials in order to validate those together with you during a debriefing workshop.

Finally, our final recommendations are compiled in a pragmatic report of which the executive summary is also communicated to all participants.


One size does not fit all.

Each of our customers has different challenges, culture, IT requirements, security environment, activity location, etc. When it comes to implementing the solutions recommended, many alternatives are available.

And when it comes specifically to selecting a legal tech, many factors come into play.

As GOlegal is not a legal tech, we have a non-dogmatic, open and conflict-of-interest-free approach of each mission. We deliver independent advise based on your needs and what the market has to offer.

Therefore, we first widen your horizon by showing you what are the options on the legal tech market.

Then, we deliver a pragmatic assistance in identifying, selecting and sourcing the right one(s), by matching the STEP 1 findings with the legal tech characteristics and then helping you in the RFI/RFP/RFQ phase(s).


Once the sourcing phase is finished, we deliver active support to get your solutions implemented and maintained.

During the implementation, this project phase is tightly piloted in full cooperation with your internal project team, if any, and the vendor team.

Our project management will organize the phases, from preparation to the delivery together as well as take car of the change management.


If your organization starts the digitalization of your legal team / department from scratch and wishes to be quickly up and running, we can deploy a simple yet flexible case-management system to support and streamline your own operations. It includes emails management, MS Office (Outlook, Word, Excel, …) API, time tracking, basic templates and email automation. You can be up-and-running in a few weeks time.

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