Delivery examples

  • Copyright license agreement

    A developer reduces his taxes on part of his income to 15%. A lawyer prepares his contract so that it is protected in the event of a tax audit.

    Indicative rate: 899€

  • Shareholder agreement

    Two entrepreneurs protect their interests and their business by organizing their relationships in a contract. In case of divestment, capital increase or death of a shareholder, there are no surprises, everything is planned.

    Indicative rate: 699€

  • Lawyer assistance in the prosecution of computer crime

    Assistance and advice of a client in order to defend his interests in the context of a complex file of prosecutions regarding possible computer offenses.

    Indicative rate: 1599€

  • Direct seizure on account by a bailiff in case of overdue payment by a debtor

    Do not waste time with a long and expensive procedure to seize the sums due to you. Use the new procedure of direct seizure by a bailiff without having to go through the traditional and time-intensive process of consulting a judge!

    starting at 239€

  • Review of a consulting contract

    A consultant wants to verify the contract that he will sign with his reseller: what is his responsibility, his obligations towards the end customer, etc.?

    starting at 149€

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