Who selects the offers?

In principle, the selection of the offer is made by GOlegal.

In certain specific cases, we sometimes preselect different offers that allow the client to finalize his choice himself.

What does GOlegal offer to its customers ?

GOlegal offers responsive legal services at reasonable prices, easy to use and to order for SME’s and freelancers.

We provide more than services. We provide solutions. These have the particularity of aiming to guarantee the best value for money to our customers and to exclusively serve their interests.

How do GOlegal services differ from “traditional” services ?

GOlegal specializes in offering fixed and reasonable prices, agreed in advance with the client, which differentiates us from the traditional billing system based on hourly rates often applied by lawyers. This way, our clients budget remains under control.

GOlegal also allows you to access a broad range of legal subjects, which differentiates us from corporate lawyers who often primarily work on specific subjects linked to their specialization(s).

What is the responsibility of GOlegal in the “GO!” Offer ?

The responsibility of GOlegal is limited to the accurate communication of information between the parties involved and to the agreement on a quotation between a lawyer / jurist and a client. In this case, the warranty on the deliverable is provided by the lawyer / jurist who performs the assignment.

In some cases, if the client wishes so, GOlegal will perform the services ordered. In this case, the liability also covers the delivery of the service to the client.

In all cases, GOlegal’s liability is defined by the “GO!” Terms and Conditions posted on our website.

I have several requests for legal services. Do I have to switch to a “Premium” offer or can I continue to order using the “GO!” offer ?

If you have a significant need for legal services spread over a period of one year, it is probably more advantageous for you to switch to Premium.

However, you can of course ask us to work on several “GO!” offers simultaneously, especially if they are to be carried out in a very short timeframe.

In any case, we listen to our customers and always direct them to the solution that best suits their interests.

When prices are indicated “starting at”, what does this mean ?

We offer our services at pre-established prices and we apply these prices for most requests.

However, some client cases present particular difficulties or require additional services, which are then integrated in a specific estimate.

In any case, we will always look for the solution best suited to our clients’ interests, always at a fixed price, affordable and known in advance.

How do you protect client information ?

First of all, we will only share information with those who need to know about it. For example, our processes are specifically designed to prevent registered lawyers at GOlegal from experiencing a conflict of interest.

In addition to this, we are storing our data in Europe and our computer systems are subject to strict access controls.

What is the role of GOlegal ?

We are primarily a trusted third-party between SMEs and lawyers. We structure the interactions between both parties so that they can agree on a defined mission and a fixed and fair price. In some cases, GOlegal also provides legal services itself.

Who is issuing me an invoice ?

GOlegal issues an invoice for the “GO!” service that you ordered. Then the service is performed by the lawyer or jurist under his responsibility.

Is it possible to call GOlegal?

Yes, sure. You can call us on the number +32.880.82.69. Our Premium customer can even receive legal advice over the phone.

Who are the jurists who provide the services of GOlegal ?

GOlegal services are provided by jurists, i.e. holders of a License (former terminology) or a Master (new terminology) in law.

They are either corporate lawyers, most of whom are registered with the IJE / IBJ, or lawyers registered with one of the Belgian bar associations and with whom GOlegal collaborates, or jurists working directly for GOlegal.