• – The present terms and conditions apply exclusively to Services GO! and Premium BASIC.
  • – For Clients of other GOlegal’s services such as Premium FLEX, other terms and conditions exist.
  • – For legal Service Providers, the present terms and conditions apply in all cases.

1. This contract is concluded between:

1.1 The Client, all natural person of legal age or legal person requesting services on the website GOlegal (hereinafter « the Client ») in a professional capacity.

1.2 The Service Provider: the Lawyer, an active member of the bar of his country, or a legal practitioner, holding a Master degree in Law and, ideally registered at the Belgian Institute for Company Lawyers (IBJ/IJE), or an equivalent, who delivers to the Client legal services proposed by GOlegal.

1.3 GOlegal (Legal Vest SPRL), BCE n°BE.0507.753.329, which headquarters are at the 523 Avenue Louise, 1050 Brussels, BELGIUM (N° +32.(0)2.880.82.69; email:; bank details (Belfius): BE70 0689 3184 0025, which website is


2.1 TCSG: the present TERMS AND CONDITIONS SERVICES GO! governing exclusively contractual relationships between all the Parties as part of the use of the Services.

2.2 Service: all chargeable and free services offered on the Website. This applies to Services offered with a fixed price or by quote on GOlegal’s website. Unless written otherwise prior to the order of the Service, legal Services are application of Belgian law.

2.3 Website: or any other website undertaken by GOlegal and computer systems which are linked to it.


3.1 GOlegal is a technical intermediary which monitor an online platform offering legal services with fixed and moderate price to Clients provided internally or via its brokerage service, by its Service Providers.

3.2 Clients can request Services on the Website, by email ( or by phone (+32.880.82.69).

3.3 The Services Providers (lawyers and legal practitioners) can subscribe through the Website to access to Clients requests.

3.4 Once the quote or offer has been accepted by the Client, GOlegal does not interfere in the relationship between the Service Provider and the Client.

3.5 In principal, the files are processed by Lawyers but they can also be processed by other types of legal practitioners (Legal Interim or In-House Legal Practitioner).


4.1 Lawyers and Legal Practitioners can ask to subscribe on the website or by contacting GOlegal at the email address to ask to become preferred partners of GOlegal by offering files and/or services at a fixed price on the Website. Lawyers and Legal Practitioners partners of GOlegal benefit from several advantages and GOlegal stands ready to assist them.


5.1 The consent on the TCSG is full, without reservation, exemption or modification (except if signed between all the parties and GOlegal); in default the use of the Website and the Services is forbidden.

5.2 The consent is materialised, notably, by the use of the Website, the registration of the Client or the Service Provider on the Website, the agreement of a quote or an offer, the request of a Service or the payment of one of several bills.

5.3 The consent makes the TCSG applicable to all the Parties and does not create rights on the part of third parties, directly or indirectly.

5.4 The application of the TCSG covers the whole duration of the relationship between the Parties and 5 years more, for the clauses of the TCSG which – if so by nature – remain in force hereafter the end of the duration.

5.5 The Service Provider recognises and agrees that the TCSG apply in priority on its contractual relationship with the Client. The terms and conditions of the Service Provider do not apply, if so, insofar as they do not modify neither the price, nor the services, nor reduce the rights of other parties or increase their obligations, nor cover topics outside the scope of the TCSG and, in hypothesis, nor influence their effect and their application.


6.1 The Client provides, accurately, precisely and exhaustively, all information concerning:
  • • His surname and name;
  • • His VAT number;
  • • His contact details.

6.2 The Client keeps his information updated. This information can have repercussions on the Services, and, for this reason, are in his interest.

6.3 For every Service, the Client provides information and documents relevant to his/her request in an exact, precise and exhaustive manner. The Client declares to know and agree that GOlegal’s offers are based exclusively on information and documents which GOlegal have confirmed receipt for. The Client is responsible for data which he communicates and guarantees GOlegal against claims by third parties.

6.4 The Client declares to know and to agree that Services offered are at fixed price on the Website comprise only what the description is offering explicitly.

6.5 The Client declares to know and to agree that the use of GOlegal’s computer systems implies that information relative to the request of Services and, if so, to their execution by the Service Provider, are being hosted and treated by these computer systems.

6.6 The Client must cooperate for the execution of the Service request in order to be completed fully and without delay. He commits not to interfere on its well-functioning.

6.7 The Client is the only responsible for the correct use and consistency with the applicable laws of Services as well as the confidentiality of data access of computer systems made available by GOlegal.

6.8 The Client is forbidden to work, in a period of 12 months following the end of the mission, with the Service Provider who worked for him.


7.1 The Service Provider provides GOlegal, accurately, precisely and exhaustively, all information concerning:
  • • His surname and name;
  • • His VAT number;
  • • Documents certifying his quality (ex: a copy of his Lawyer’s card for a Lawyer)
  • • His/her CV and a recent digital ID picture

7.2 The Service Provider respects engagement taken towards the Client with the quote or the fixed price offered online. He processes every request with caution and by respecting laws and, if so, ethic rules applicable.

7.3 The Service Provider delivers legal service easy to understand and to establish by the Client.

7.4 The Service Provider authorises GOlegal to communicate relevant information to the Client.

7.5 The Service Provider uses IT tools, methods and formats provided by GOlegal.

7.6 The Service Provider is not obliged to accept missions from GOlegal.

7.7 For a period of 12 months, the Service Provider is prohibited to work for a Client on a topic on which he asked for specifications (for example by declaring his absence of conflict of interests), whether he has proposed his services or not, and, if so, whether he has provided his services for this mission or not. This period of 12 months starts when asking for permission to see the specifications, when he has proposed his services to the concerned Client or when he has achieved his mission, this depends on the latest date.


8.1 GOlegal is in charge of making the Website available and functioning as well as communicating information between the Parties before the approval of an offer or a quote.

8.2 GOlegal introduces Client and Service Providers who are available.

8.3 GOlegal is responsible for the invoicing of Services, in collaboration with the Service Provider.

8.4 GOlegal is not a lawyer’s office and is not a substitute. GOlegal reserves the right to refuse a mission that a Client is offering.

8.5 GOlegal’s obligations are obligations of means.


9.1 The service Premium BASIC is subject to the present TCSG.

9.2 In addition to the services GO!, Premium BASIC Clients benefit from the following advantages:

9.2.1 Quick access by phone to the consulting service (approx. 15 min.) or by email 2 times per months. GOlegal always confirms a counselling by phone or by email after the interview. More calls can be counted simultaneously in case of a long consultation.

9.2.2 Discount such as the ones indicated on GOlegal’s website on each services requested to GOlegal: writing, review, counselling & services or “conflict” services. Additional counselling by phone does not benefit from discounts.

9.2.3 Monthly fixed invoicing, excluding additional service requests which are subject to separate invoicing.

9.3 The subscription to Premium BASIC service has a limited duration. It is possible to end this service at all time with a prior notice of 3 months.


10.1 In principle, Clients’ missions are assigned to GOlegal. Nevertheless, exceptions exist, whenever no Lawyer is available or when a Service is too specific, GOlegal can suggest the mission to be executed by an external or internal legal adviser. In this specific case, GOlegal is the Service Provider without modification of the scope of his responsibility.

10.2 In certain cases, GOlegal can have the status of client towards the Service Provider. In this case, and in the framework of rights and obligations defined by the present terms and conditions, the Service Provider accepts to be called by GOlegal as a guarantee in case of late, non-compliant, defective delivery or in case of no-delivery.

10.3 In case of an introduction made by GOlegal between a client and a lawyer but a fixed price for a mission cannot be achieved, if the client decides, despite the uncertainty, to work with the lawyer presented by GOlegal, the present TCSG do not apply for the execution of the mission by the lawyer.


11.1 All prices of GOlegal are fixed and excluding tax, on GOlegal’s website or in the quote addressed to the Client.

11.2 No cost is due without express stipulation.

11.3 The Client recognises knowing and accepting that he does not bear the right to withdrawal.

11.4 The Client recognises and accepts that the Service Provider can, in certain cases, precise by writing the scope and the nature of his intervention in his offer and that these precisions prevail over the initial description of the mission. The Client always has the possibility to accept or to decline the offer.

11.5 The Service Provider declares knowing and accepting that the indicated number of hours in the offer with a fixed price can only have an informative value – unless otherwise expressly agreed between the three parties – and may not be invoked by neither GOlegal nor the Client.

11.6 Unless exception, the payment is executed – possibly with an electronic payment system – before the start of the mission/of the delivery of the Services.

11.7 Different promotions, discounts and reductions advertised by GOlegal are not combinable.


12.1 Payments are to be made through an online service or by invitation from GOlegal, by banking transfer on the bank account BE35 0689 0089 8237 (Belfius).

12.2 The Service Provider grants an invoicing mandate to GOlegal which issues a unique invoice to the Client.

12.3 In conformity with applicable provisions, such as, for example, articles 4.12., §3, 5° and 4.39., §2 of the Code of Ethics of Lawyers, article X.3.1. 5.4.2 of the Orde van Vlaamse Balies and Règlement déontologique bruxellois or 3.6.1. 5.4.2 of the Code of Ethics of the Council of Bars and Law Societies of Europe (CCBE), the Lawyer shares his honorary with GOlegal and does not pay GOlegal upon presentation of documentation of the Client.

12.4 GOlegal reserves the right to use electronic invoices.

12.5 The delay for the payment of invoices is of 15 days by default, unless stipulated otherwise. In the case of delays in the payment of one or several invoices/debt to GOlegal and without prejudice to any other right or remedy, GOlegal is in the right to obtain an interest for delay of an annual cost of 12% or the default rate laid down by the legislation in force at the date which the debt is due (law of the 02/08/2002 on combating late payment in commercial transactions (M.B. 07/08/2002) or the subsequent law), the greater rate is, from the date on which payment is due with a minimum of 75 EUR, unless the invoice is questioned in good faith. Administrative fees of €75 will be invoiced at each recall of payment by email or by mail. A legal clause of 10% of the total amount of the debt, partially or completely unpaid, is due in its own right in case of failure to pay. In case of delay in the payment, even partial, of any sum of money payable to GOlegal, the total amount of recovery costs will be at the charge of the defaulting debtor, whatever the sum of money, whatever the manner the recovery is proceeded either amicably and/or judiciary and/or with a bailiff or any other manner. Recovery costs with a bailiff will be calculated in conformity with the Royal Decree of the 30/11/1976 fixing the costs of official acts performed by a bailiff in civil and commercial matters as well as other allowances.

12.6 The failure to pay one or few invoices issued by GOlegal despite the recall is equivalent to a faulty breach, by the Client, of the TCSG and authorises GOlegal to interrupt any request of Services or, what the Service Provider declares to agree, any current request temporary or definitive. The Service Provider declares to agree to suspend his service to the benefit of the Client at any moment on the simple request of GOlegal, including in the total or partial absence of payment.

12.7 Unless expressly stipulated otherwise, contact person identified in the contract or in the quote are assumed to have their address at the headquarters of the company identified by their VAT number or, failing that, in the main place of business or, failing that, at the address mentioned in the contract or quote.

12.8 The Parties agree that data recorded in computer systems of GOlegal have a value of proof, including as part of a request.


13.1 The Parties treat information which are disclosed to them with strict confidentiality.

13.2 No Parties disclose confidential information to third parties without the prior written authorisation of the other Party. This obligation applies during the relationship between the Parties and 5 years after the term.

13.3 When a Service Provider is a lawyer, he/she declares knowing and accepting that a Client information relative to a file which has been confided to him/her is subject to professional secrecy of the lawyer and this whatever the type of the localisation or the medium of information. The lawyer commits to protect them in that capacity.

13.4 The Parties can disclose confidential information only to their employees, agents, suppliers, subcontractors, consultants and companies intervening in the execution of the Services, provided that:

13.4.1 In case of disclosure to a person or entity not employed by the party communicating information, the latter is nonetheless responsible for possible unauthorised disclosure. And that

13.4.2 This person is committed to respect an obligation of non-disclosure at least as much restrictive as the one stipulated in the TCSG.

13.5 Taking into account that a confidential information has been disclosed from one party to another or disclosed through a different manner, the parties receiving the confidential information:

13.5.1 Takes all measures to ensure the safety, the preservation and use of confidential information.

13.5.2 Does not use confidential information to an end other than the execution of the Services mentioned in the present terms and conditions or in any contractual document between the parties.

13.5.3 Does not keep confidential information longer than reasonably necessary in order to fulfil his obligations towards the other party and either sends back information to the other party, including any copy that would have been done, immediately after the fulfilment of all above-mentioned obligations, either by destroying confidential information after receiving the written authorisation of the other party.

13.6 The Client and the Service Provider declare knowing and accepting that, in the respect of the present provisions, GOlegal uses computer systems hosted and operated by external providers which work is to provide computer services in the most inclusive sense of the term.

13.7 No party is exposed to obligations to preserve the confidential character of the confidential information:

13.7.1 That was already in his possession and that is not combined with a confidentiality obligation.

13.7.2 That has legally become his possession independently from the party communicating the information.

13.7.3 If the party is legally obliged to communicate the information to a judicial or administrative authority, he has to warn to the other party sufficiently in advance of this obligation, in order for the other party to have the possibility to oppose to this communication.

13.7.4. In the context of commercial reference, GOlegal might use Clients’ or Providers’ name after having agreed with the person this information is disclosed to that it will be kept confidential.

13.8 The Parties declare knowing and accepting that GOlegal can, by a simple request or in case of a given difficulty linked to a service or a file, obtain from the Service Provider or a client any information relative to the file, including deliveries of the Service Providers.

13.9 GOlegal reserves the right to disclose any information relative to a party which would not respect the TCSG.


14.1 Each Party is and remains the owner of all intellectual rights non expressly transferred under a written agreement including, and non-exhaustively, his documents, opinion, recommendation, texts, brands, logo, commercial sign, graphic charter and domain name.

14.2 The Client grants GOlegal and the Service Provider the right to use information that he discloses with the goal to execute the Services excluding any other use.

14.3 None of the Parties uses the trademark, commercial name or corporate name, logos or intellectual property rights of the other party of any manner without the prior written authorisation of the other party, except the right for GOlegal, to use names, brands, logos of the Client but solely for trade references, where appropriate.

14.4 The Client receives from GOlegal and/or the Service Provider a non-transferable and non-exclusive license, for a period authorised by the TCSG, to use the Service and elements delivered to the Client by GOlegal or the Service Provider in accordance with the use described at the moment of the request.

14.5 The abovementioned rights are conditional on the fact that the Client uses GOlegal’s services in accordance with the TCSG, on relevant documentation, the applicable law and for legal matters only.

14.6 Unless written otherwise by GOlegal, all use not expressly authorised by the TCSG are strictly prohibited. If the Client wants to resell GOlegal’s Services, a prior agreement has to be written by GOlegal and, if so, the written agreement of the Service Provider is required. Are prohibited the following use (non-exhaustive list):

14.6.1 Reuse, resell or distribution of the Services others than the ones expressly authorised in writing by GOlegal (in this case, contact GOlegal which will answer your request as soon as possible);

14.6.2 All selling, license, location, distribution, publication, communication, insertion, transmission, screening, or reverse engineering of the Services or Services by-products;

14.7 Providers grant GOlegal an unlimited license to use, modify, resell, digitalize, automate or sublicense the content created by them in the context of the Services.

14.8 Unless stipulated otherwise by writing, the Client cannot resell GOlegal’s Service or incorporate GOlegal’s documents, products and Services in its own products and services.

14.9 GOlegal expressly reserves the right to use its right to destination within the framework of elements published on the website, relative to one or more specific documents.


15.1 After the order of the Client, Services are executed and delivered to the Client under the responsibility of the Service Provider without any intervention from GOlegal.

15.2 After the order of the Client, GOlegal does not intervene in the contractual relationship between the Service Provider and the Client. Consequently, in the hypothesis of a Client unsatisfied by the Service Provider’s Services, the Service Provider would be the only responsible.

15.3 In the case of a Client and a Service Provider suffering from a damage relative to one or several Services, compensation for the Client is conventionally limited to the sum corresponding to the price of one or several Services related to the damage.

15.4 No responsibility of the Service Provider or GOlegal can be engaged on non-communicated or inaccurate information or on the basis of non-executed, non-compliant or late advice, or on the basis of a reuse of a Service outside the scope of an order on which they have been delivered without the prior agreement of GOlegal.

15.5 GOlegal cannot be held liable for the dysfunction of computer systems or their unavailability, either they cause damage or not for Parties or third parties, for the incorrect or imperfect use by the Client, for the loss of confidential passwords or access codes, defective services of telecommunication networks, data communicated by the client (for which GOlegal is only receiving one copy) and their storage.

15.6 GOlegal will never be responsible for the following damages, resulting from your use or incapacity to use GOlegal’s services: (a) indirect or unpredictable damages, (b) losses of profits or expected payoffs, (c) losses of data or other breaches to data, losses due to computer viruses, (d) losses or damages to property, (e) third parties claims as well as (f) fines or penalties imposed by public authorities or other entities having an equivalent enforcement authority, in any case, directly or indirectly or (g) damages suffered by third parties to the TCSG.

15.7 The Service Provider keeps GOlegal harmless of any damages linked to the total or partial non-execution or defective execution of the Services.

15.8 The responsibility of GOlegal is always limited to the sum paid by the Client for a Service or the value of 1.000EUR whichever one is lower.

15.9 The Client and the Service Provider are responsible, towards GOlegal, for the respect of the present TCSG, applicable laws, and if so, third parties’ rights. GOlegal does not accept responsibility towards third parties, including clients of the Client, where appropriate.

15.10 The Client expressly renounces to bring an action to a staff member of GOlegal, this limitation does not modify the scope of GOlegal’s responsibility for its staff members’ actions.

15.11 If the Client reuses a Service provided in the past by GOlegal, it is his responsibility to check whether information have not been updated and accepts GOlegal’s responsibility cannot be engaged in the scope of such a reuse.

15.12 The Client understands and accepts that if he does not apply GOlegal’s recommendations or modify documents without GOlegal’s validation, he can alter his judicial situation without GOlegal being held responsible of consequences of such changes.

15.13 Nothing in the Contract limits GOlegal’s responsibility in case of death or physical injury, or in case of deceit or fraud, or in case in which the law would prohibit limitation of the responsibility.

15.14 GOlegal is not a lawyer’s office and is not a substitute.


16.1 The Client has the right to authorise users authorised and approved by GOlegal to access and use Services for an external use, according to the Contract.

16.2 Access codes and passwords are assigned privately to a natural person authorised by GOlegal and cannot be disclosed to a third person without prior written agreement. These data are considered, as said in the present TCSG, as the intellectual property of GOlegal as business secrecy and confidential information.

16.3 The Client commits to make users authorised by GOlegal to use Services of GOlegal in accordance with the Contract.

16.4 It is possible that, in certain cases, GOlegal recommends the Client to change the font of the legal documents in order, for the Client, to better protect his interests or to ease the use of these documents. The application of such recommendations are of the responsibility of the Client.

16.5 The Services are subject to Belgium law as interpreted by Belgian Courts and Tribunals and can be inappropriate in a context of other jurisdictions or national laws, unless stipulated otherwise.

16.6 With respect to your circumstances, the Services take into account only information disclosed by the Client to GOlegal and not all particular circumstances or impacts of unknown legal situation by GOlegal.

16.7 GOlegal activities are limited to legal advice. It does not undertake an administrative, archiving, management or project management role or any other unknown role excluded from the expressly accepted missions present in the Contract.

16.8 GOlegal reserves the right to refuse missions and is doing its best to suggest a Client with remedies in accordance with his interests.


17.1 You commit to cooperate with GOlegal in a prompt and effective manner for the execution of the present Contract and, notably, to:

17.1.1 Consider GOlegal’s proposals to enhance your documents templates.

17.1.2 To provide in a pro-active manner all information and all documents relevant to each request in a digital form, unless expressed otherwise.

17.1.3 Use tools made available for you in order to maximise the value of the Services provided. (ex: internet portal, work files, satisfaction surveys, etc.).

17.2 The non-respect for the abovementioned cooperation principles can lead to the counting of additional missions. Thus, for example, if in your advice request to GOlegal you omit to mention key elements of the problem to solve, in particular elements that would be negative for you (ex: omitting a debt towards the other party), GOlegal reserves the right to count the rest of the procedure as a new mission.

17.3 In case of non-cooperation from your part in a one-month delay after the delivery of the draft or final version of the services, the performance is automatically considered achieved, accepted by you and closed.

17.4 The contract pages reviewed and written, are evaluated with the font Tahoma, font size 12 on A4 pages using the default margin of MS Word 2013.


18.1 The immediate suspension of Services, including access to the internet portal of GOlegal, can happen:

18.1.1 In case of non-payment of invoices, or when serious doubts appear regarding the respect, by one of the Parties, of one or several contractual obligations.

18.1.2 If an account is inactive for a period of time longer than 30 days or without connection for a period of time longer than a year.

18.1.3 Once in a while for maintenance reasons or in the case of force majeure.


19.1 Services can be interrupted for cause, immediately for each Parties by written notice by the other party in case of serious negligence, fraud or wilful misconduct of one of the Parties.

19.2 Without to prejudice to his rights, notably, compensation for consequential damages, GOlegal is in the right to immediately terminate the service without compensations or cancel a current order if:

19.2.1 One of the Parties defaults one of his essential contractual obligations.

19.2.2 One of the Parties fails to execute his contractual obligations despite the expiry of 14 calendar days following the receipt of a written notice sent from GOlegal.

19.2.3 One of the Parties fails to use in good faith and in accordance with the present dispositions of computer systems made available to him.

19.2.4 One of the Parties fails to pay the sum due 14 calendar days after the contractual deadline.

19.2.5 One of the Parties in in a situation of suspension of payments, liquidation, dissolution, collective debt settlement or bankruptcy.

19.2.6 GOlegal’s responsibility is engaged towards another Party or GOlegal had to compensate another Party.

19.2.7 Your account is inactive for 30 days and no connection registered for a year.


20.1 GOlegal commits to respect provisions of the applicable law regarding the protection of personal data and Privacy Policy available online on GOlegal’s website.

20.2 GOlegal commits in all way to process and store your information on certified and safe technical infrastructures, located inside the European Economic Area, in order to protect computer safety against collection, storage and processing of your data.


21.1 No Party can:

21.1.1 Make a fraudulent use of Services;

21.1.2 Register under a fake name, with incorrect data or mention false or outdated titles;

21.1.3 Use Services in order to get an undue advantage;

21.1.4 Use the Website or the Service to explore, copy, reproduce or imitate Services, business models, or design of the Website;

21.1.5 Publish online illegal content, or unsolicited communications (spams, etc.), or harmful computer codes;

21.1.6 Copy part or all the Website or Services;

21.1.7 Use the Website of Services for illegal purposes.

21.2 GOlegal reserves the right to refuse at any time, for any reason or no reason, for any person, access to the Website or Services.

21.3 GOlegal does not provide any other services than the ones proposed, excluding, for example, Clients representation, management of interaction between the Client and his lawyer(s), management of relationship between the Client and the Service Provider after acceptation of the order of a Service or the archiving/electronic time stamping.


22.1 GOlegal has a policy of suing perpetrators of violations of the present TCSG.

22.2 The TCSG are governed by and construed in accordance with Belgian law. Disputes between the Parties that cannot be solved amicably will be subject to the exclusive competence of Belgian court orders, sitting in Brussels in French.

22.3 For a complaint against GOlegal to be valid, it has to be introduced 4 months after the accomplishment of the litigious Services or the discovery of elements laying foundation for the complaint.


23.1 Modification: The TCSG can be subject to modifications, in which case Clients and lawyers have the right to refuse their application by unsubscribing or interrupting the use of the Website or the Services. Otherwise, the Parties are deemed to have accepted such modifications.

23.2 Proof: The Parties admit that computer data linked to their use of the systems put in place by GOlegal can be used as means of proof, if so, they expressly accept not to contest this use, in any context.

23.3 Representation: When GOlegal or the Service Provider is consulted by a company, a ASBL, professional Union or a foundation (in general by all legal person), its administrators and associates expressly declare to be, unconditionally and irrevocably, solidary and indivisible co-debtors of the amount due to GOlegal or the Service Provider by the legal person.

23.4 Lack of recognition: Any delay or default of one Party, to protect himself or remedy against the lack of the other Party to his obligations towards to the TCSG does not constitute a right for the damaged Party in this regard.

23.5 Third party’s rights: Unless expressly agreed otherwise, the TCSG do not generate any right for third parties.

23.6 Divisibility: The invalidity or illegality of one provision of the TCSG or impossibility to execute do not affect other provisions of the TCSG. The Parties will agree on a new provision with the same effects, provided that the spirit of the TCSG are affected as little as possible. Provisions of the TCSG are divisible, so that other provisions are not affected.

23.7 Prohibition of transfer: No Party can transfer his obligations assigned to him by the TCSG without the prior written authorisation of the other Party.

23.8 Control: GOlegal reserves the right to control the compliance to the present provisions when using the Services.

23.9 Exclusivity: No legal or natural person can subscribe to GOlegal if this person is directly or indirectly interested in the capital or business success of a direct or indirect competitor of GOlegal, excluding a lawyer’s office of a Service Provider. Furthermore, any Service Provider is prohibited to work with a Client without using GOlegal during the delivery of a Service or during a period of 12 months following the end of the execution of the Service.

23.10 Non-solicitation: The Client or the Service Provider are prohibited to canvass or hire one or several workers or service providers of another party during the contract and during the Service and for a period of 12 months after the end of the execution of the Service. This clause applies to Lawyers and other legal Practitioners presented to the Client, either he has or not decided to accept GOlegal’s offer.

23.11 Survival: TCSG provisions, by their nature, remain valid after the end of the delivery of the Services for any reasons and retain their effect until the complete accomplishment of the Services, including provisions regarding confidentiality, applicable law and disputes, guarantee, compensation, intellectual property rights, responsibility, inspection, obligatory controls and survival, nonetheless, any obligations restored to its original condition arising from the end of the application of the TCSG.

This text is GOlegal’s intellectual property and cannot be used for any other purpose than in the framework of contractual relationships between GOlegal and its Clients.

June 2017