The documents that are offered by GOlegal are of course guaranteed up-to-date, qualitative and at an affordable price.

They are also exactly tailored to your needs, whatever your situation. Why? Because we do not sell templates, static or “automated”, because they present certain risks for their users. We deliver affordable documents that are cared for by competent lawyers.

It is the human expertise that makes the difference.




Often, companies face general conditions or contracts that they do not always understand. Sometimes they do not know if their own legal texts are up to date. GOlegal’s review service meets this need.

GOlegal has developed a system that provides you with much more than just a review. We give you a visual risk analysis that allows you to make an informed decision.

In addition, you receive an amendment proposal, an answer to your potential questions and, optionally, the Memento, another innovative tool that will allow you to effectively defend your interests during a possible negotiation.


Conflict resolution

Sometimes your company or yourself have difficulties that can be resolved by a lawyer. We will always recommend the solution that best suits your interests and this, in an argumentative way.

  • For advice on how to proceed, we will give you a detailed opinion.
  • To undertake a specific approach (eg formal notice, order to pay, etc.), we will assist you to implement this reaction quickly and at a fair and fixed price.
  • For legal proceedings, we will help you draft specifications and, if you wish so, select one of the lawyers registered with us.



Advice and Services

Do you need the assistance of a lawyer for a particular action/event (eg company restructuring)? We can help you find the right expert who will deliver this service at the best price.

If, on the other hand, you want to market a new product, or develop your business internationally, lawyers registered with GOlegal can advise you.

What are the opportunities, the risks, the possible shortcuts related to your project? These are the questions to which you will receive a precise and detailed answer.


Phone assistance

Big problems can sometimes be avoided with good advice beforehand. For our Premium customers, we provide a reactive phone and e-mail support service that gives you quick and direct advice. All the questions that you ask yourself – even those that seem simple – deserve to be treated seriously and in a short timeframe.

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