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Some professionals whose core activities aren’t directly linked to the legal sector are eager to add legal activities to their own service offering in order to provide integrated services to their own clients and differentiate themselves from their competition by doing so.

Those professionals rely on GOlegal to collaborate on a specific legal need or as a preferred outsourcing partner.

Here are some examples of typical collaborations we setup with those professionals:

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We’re always looking for dynamic and creative individuals inspired by our vision and eager to shake up the legal sector.

A legal background is far from being the only characteristic that appeals to us.
As our drive is to “strive to integrate innovative business principles from the renewal of other sectors to rediscover the legal practice“, we’re equally interested in ex-consultants, marketeers, IT and all other profiles who believe that their experience and competences can in some ways contribute to our commitment towards clients.

If you’d like to have a chat with us and discover what GOlegal’s work culture is all about, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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  • a clear & ambitious vision you can actively contribute to

  • an agile working environment where you define yourself your role & responsibilities

  • an innovative and evolutive mindset applied to both our internal operations & external services provided

  • a dynamic & challenging yet casual work atmosphere