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Time flies, regulations evolve, your business is transformed continuously… Your company has to remain compliant with all kinds of regulations. This comes with a second challenge: knowing the content of a regulation does not imply that one knows what to do with it.

The first reflex is to go for formal training which more than often brings mixed results. The expertise is generally present but the format and the delivery are  too often inefficient. The audience may find such training boring, obscure, inconclusive on the impact for their job, etc..

At GOlegal, we believe that raising awareness goes further than one-way expert content-driven trainings. The right mix of actions to be considered will depend on the specificities of your organization (size, organizational structure, corporate culture, internal legal maturity, …).

In any case, we’ll pay special attention to the following key points:

  1. Expert content: we always work together with top level expert of the concerned topic in order to make sure that all the important messages are present in our deliverables;
  2. Impacting and lasting delivery: emotions are a powerful enabler to create memories, also at work! Thanks to change management techniques (including gamification, surveys, co-construction settings, collaborative briefing sessions, …), we entice people to get involved, hands-on, and to actively participate to the engagement roadmap we’ve set up together with you.
  3. Pragmatic format: a PowerPoint is most often not enough. The content of the support materials must be inspired by your daily operations and designed to be easy to grasp, put in practice and memorized. We aim at gradually bringing your collaborators from initial resistants to engaged change agents by surrounding them with a comprehensive yet pragmatic educational context.

By those means, we ensure to bring your company as a whole lasting results through behavioural awareness and change.

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