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Are you a solid company on each aspect of your legal existence?

Time flies, regulations evolve, and your business is transformed continuously. Your company has to remain compliant with regrds to legal obligations at the corporate level, employment law, intellectual property aspects, data protection requirements, … you name it.

In some cases, a solution that was implemented a couple of years ago becomes obsolete. Sometimes a new product or service creates a new legal risk exposure that went undetected. It happens also that case law changes the risk evaluation that companies used to do before the latest court decision.

It is the duty of every manager and even the responsibility of every administrator to ensure that an organization conducts its business whithin the evolving boundaries of the Law at the national, European and sometimes international level.

What if you could do a legal blood test of your company and detect its high-level legal risks and weaknesses? What if this could be done with a very limited cooperation time and delivered in days? It’s possible and we call it the Legal Check-up !

This legal innovation starts with one or a few interactions (calls, meetings if necessary) during which we’ll go through a number of topics.

We’ll then analyse the results of these interactions internally and measure, for each topic, the level of legal maturity. We’ll compile these insights into a concise, precise and user-friendly report. The report is complemented by some suggestions to pragmatically move forward regarding the topics for which room for improvement has been detected. The aim of this output is to provide valuable information for decision-making process with respect to budget priority, contract negotiation, etc.

Finally, we plan with you a short debrief and assist you determining what would be the best action to take as a priority.

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