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Legal outsourcing for law firms

Legal outsourcing has become an essential legal approach for law firms seeking flexibility and efficiency for themselves and their clients. Generally speaking, this approach consists of entrusting certain legal processes or services to external companies (alternative legal service providers, local firms, foreign lawyers, independent lawyers, etc.). This makes it much easier for law firms to accomplish their tasks and move forward with their legal affairs.

Outsourcing brings significant benefits to the development of law firms. However, for a law firm, there remains a real problem that can obstruct its implementation. It is indeed the choice of the legal outsourcing company. The difficulties lie on :

  • The evaluation of the firm’s needs,
  • The definition of the outsourcing options that meet these needs.

In order to choose the right legal outsourcing company, you must therefore take these two factors into consideration. We put our expertise at your disposal to help you handle your firm’s business and improve your services. What we have to offer:

  • Expert outsourcing advice that will ensure the performance and profitability of your law firm,
  • A team of over 130 lawyers who will handle your legal services more efficiently.

We can help you improve your firm’s profitability by outsourcing some of your legal services.

In principle, the legal outsourcing strategy does not take into account the geographical delimitation. Apart from local lawyers, you also have the possibility to outsource your firm’s secondary services to distant foreign professionals in order to reduce costs considerably. This is what is meant by offshore outsourcing. However, it is important to know that this option presents substantial risks on

  • The quality of the services,
  • The competence of the consultants in relation to your jurisdiction,
  • The protection of customer data and confidentiality,
  • The regulation of litigation in case of potential conflicting interests,
  • The integrity of the lawyers and the respect of ethical rules.

In order to apply legal outsourcing with discernment, the law firm must master its functioning, its advantages and closely monitor the evolution of the system to ensure its profitability and competitiveness in the face of competition.

To this pitfall of offshoring, an alternative is the “legal process outsourcing” (LPO). When it is practiced by a geographically close supplier, it is sometimes called “nearshoring”.

Obviously, the smaller the geographical distance, the less leverage there is to reduce labor costs.

So if this obvious advantage to reduce the price is reduced, why would the LPO be interesting? And if it is about the costs, how to control them?

The LPO (Legal Process Outsourcing): advantages and functioning

The main objective of legal process outsourcing is to make the practice of law more cost-effective by delegating less strategic legal services to focus exclusively on the most important cases. Such an approach saves the firm time and money by focusing on flat fees from vendors instead of hourly rates. In addition, the firm can ensure client satisfaction by guaranteeing the quality of local legal services. This will allow the firm to remain competitive and profitable.

Law firms frequently use outsourcing to:

  • Perform legal document review: facilitate the review of your documents by hiring outside contract attorneys. They have the digital and intellectual resources to perform document review in various areas of expertise. In addition, some law firms offer coding services to facilitate eDiscovery processes.
  • Simplify an insubstantial appearance: hire appearance lawyers or per diems to save valuable hours in a court case. This will avoid billing disputes and save you money on service fees.
  • Assist them in drafting work: independent lawyers can improve the legal secretarial services, drafting of legal documents (e.g. contracts, deeds, etc.) within your firm or quasi-administrative tasks. For example, they will take care of computerized data entry, electronic filing and conversion of documents as well as database updates.

Innovations to consider

When choosing legal outsourcing professionals to improve the efficiency of your law firm, be sure to keep a close eye on outsourcing trends. The undeniable rise of outsourcing has had a tremendous impact on the development of the industry. In the legal arena, this innovation has led to the creation of subscription law firms and virtual law firms.

Three new outsourcing trends to watch closely are:

  • Automation and the use of AI (Artificial Intelligence),
  • Hybrid outsourcing (Onshore/Nearshore and Offshore outsourcing),
  • The growth of eDiscovery.

Our team of expert attorneys has the skills to provide legal process outsourcing for your firm.

Legal Process Outsourcing offers several support services to law firms. Our team of qualified business lawyers can assist you with:

  • Legal research: study of laws and regulations, collection of case law, etc.
  • Litigation resolution: drafting of documents, eDiscovery, etc.
  • Contract management: drafting and summarizing contracts, preparing standard contracts, reviewing contractual clauses, etc.
  • Drafting of legal documents.
  • Protection of Intellectual Property or IP: patentability, resolution of IP litigation, study of copyrights and trademarks, etc.

Law firms can also take advantage of legal outsourcing to handle legal matters related to

  • Liquidation or receivership proceedings
  • Legal requests: protection orders, pleadings, petitions for annulment or contravention, etc.
  • Corporate regulations and documentation: corporate resolutions, operating agreements, by-laws, etc.

If you are planning to implement a legal outsourcing strategy for your law firm, GOlegal is at your disposal. You can reach us by email and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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