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Tax law is a branch of public law with links to private law. It covers all the rules relating to taxes on individuals and legal entities (companies, non-profit associations, etc.) as well as taxes and excises.

In Belgium, tax law is divided into several categories:

• Value Added Tax (VAT)
• Personal income tax (PIT)
• Corporate Income Tax (CIT)
• Inheritance tax
• Registration fees

National and international tax regulations have become drastically more complex in recent years. As a result, compliance with these regulations poses enormous challenges. In addition, these regulations continue to evolve (e.g. due to budgetary constraints of public agencies). Today, it is essential to hire a law firm to handle all of your company’s tax procedures.

Indeed, taxation generally has a significant impact on the profitability of companies. Therefore, for each transaction, it is important to have a complete and clear overview of the tax consequences to be considered. This is why taxpayers are increasingly confronted with tax uncertainty and may face difficult discussions with the tax authorities.

Our network of tax lawyers, supported by an experienced technical team and optimization-focused technology, will identify changes in tax regulations and policies that affect your business. This multi-disciplinary approach allows us to put in place an optimal structure to maximize the efficiency of your tax procedures while respecting your business strategies.

Our objective is twofold: On the one hand, we provide tax advice in advance and on the other hand, we defend you during a tax audit or in court.

At GOlegal, we assist our clients in understanding the tax risks and opportunities and in providing advice to anticipate any tax difficulties. We also guide our clients in obtaining advance tax rulings.

Our specialist lawyers offer legal and tax advice regardless of the legal form of your company, the type of client, the subject matter, the language or the jurisdiction, namely ;

Scaleup & Innovators

SMEs & freelancers

Non-profit organizations (NPO)

Legal and compliance departments

Whether your company is based in Belgium or abroad, we are fully aware of the application of Belgian tax legislation and international tax treaties concluded under Belgian law.

We listen to your business needs and understand the tax pressures you face. Our team cooperates in various areas affecting your business and in all kinds of tax matters, whether it is value added tax (VAT), international taxation, tax planning, etc.

Our experts will assist you in tax audits, the establishment of regulations with the tax authorities (Ruling) and in disputes with the relevant authorities. Our tax advisors can make a real difference to your transaction costs and, in some cases, can also protect you from negative tax effects.

We are competent to handle all your relations with the tax authorities, in particular to resolve disputes in the best possible conditions. Whether it concerns a tax audit or an administrative or judicial dispute, we defend our clients before the Belgian and European courts. Whatever your dispute, we are used to carrying out tax mediation.

Our tax lawyers specialize in tax advice related to corporate restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, divestitures and spin-offs, financing and refinancing, and investment strategies of Belgian and international companies. We enable our clients to structure and monitor all these operations in order to limit any tax risk.

At GOlegal, we have also accumulated extensive experience in the tax systems applicable to public institutions and non-profit organizations. Our tax team provides advice to clients on corporate income tax, VAT exemption claims, reduced VAT rates and compliance with all tax aspects of non-profit restructuring.

As far as VAT is concerned, we are competent to carry out audits for our clients, whom we support on a daily basis to help them optimise their VAT.

Thanks to our network of lawyers specialised in all areas of law, including real estate and construction law, we are also experienced in areas related to private assets. For example, we are involved in asset regularisation, registration fees, estate planning, local taxes, direct and indirect taxes, structuring of real estate projects and all aspects covering real estate and securities transactions.

More specifically, we intervene and advise you in all tax procedures :

• The implementation of tax optimization and feasibility studies
• Due diligence procedures
• Analyses of company restructuring perspectives
• Tax treaty negotiations and drafting (Ruling)
• VAT-related transactions
    ◦ The right to deduct VAT and its application in the fields of law

• Resolution and prevention of tax disputes
    ◦ Advance tax risk assessment
    ◦ Contacting the tax authorities
    ◦ Amicable resolution of disputes through a negotiation procedure with the tax authorities

• Legal advice and defence of your interests before the courts
    ◦ Administrative and judicial courts
    ◦ The Court of Cassation
    ◦ The Constitutional Court
    ◦ The Council of State
    ◦ The European Court of Justice

• Income tax (including tax reduction)
• International tax treaties in Belgium
• Taxation of business transfers
• Setting up a professional activity and its development
    ◦ Company formation
    ◦ Employee compensation
    ◦ Share buyback
    ◦ The sale of branches

• Taxation of private assets :
    ◦ Movable property
        ▪ Optimization of the tax on income from movable property
        ▪ Mobility planning
        ▪ Tax regularization
    ◦ Real estate
        ▪ Optimization of tax on real estate income
        ▪ Real estate planning
        ▪ Asset-based companies
        ▪ The dismemberment of property rights

• Income and Expense Tax for Non-Profit Organizations
• Customs taxation
• Criminal law in relation to taxation
    ◦ Tax fraud
    ◦ Tax offences

• Taxation at the regional and municipal levels
• Assistance in FPS Finance proceedings conducted by :
    ◦ General Administration of Tax Collection
    ◦ Special Tax Inspectorate (STI)

• Excise duty (consumption tax)

If you wish to benefit from a great expertise in the field of tax law with the help of lawyers adapted to your problems and able to offer you a tailor-made solution, do not hesitate to contact us. We can be reached by e-mail and on our website GOlegal and will contact you within 24 hours.

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