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1. Intro

GOlegal provides agile and pragmatic solutions for assessing organizations’ maturity in terms of compliance to a variety of problematics including Private Corruption regulations.

2. Objective

In order to assess your organization’s maturity, we have analyzed underlying regulations, identified most relevant directives applicable and “translated” those in common business terms and concepts in order to structure and clarify your compliance journey.

Outputs of such assignments aim therefore at facilitating your decision-making process in terms of concrete actions to undertake to further enhance your compliance maturity.

3. Methodology, risks, assets & actions

We’ve identified the risks that are applicable to the problematic under evaluation. For each one of these risks, we’ve listed some assets having – when correctly implemented – a positive impact on underlying risks. By “asset” is meant an organizational or technical measure available to mitigate a risk. Assets are regrouped under 4 main categories:

  • Roles & responsibilities
  • Processes
  • Documentation
  • Information tools & systems

In order to assess the “implementation quality” of your assets, we further check if some critical actions have already been implemented or are yet to be taken.

4. Process

Our analysis follows a three-step approach.

  1. First, we analyze the overall theoretical risk sensitivity of your organization based on some key structural dimensions such as sector of activity or size.
  2. We then proceed to evaluate your global perception (i.e. how key stakeholders within your organization perceive the risks) by determining awareness & readiness levels across your business lines.
  3. Finally, we dive into more details to estimate your current state of progression; i.e. what has already been achieved and what are the possible complementary actions available to positively impact your maturity level.
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