Actionstep: your case management solution

The right digital case management solution to boost the efficiency of your legal & compliance operations

Actionstep: the complete legal practice management system.

Actionstep gets rid of legal department administrivia and simplifies how you work. So you always have the headspace to focus on what matters most: serve your clients well.

Working based on Actionstep's workflows will help you define the steps and timing of any process to automate how things are done. Collect information, assign tasks, track progress, update clients and make sure everything is checked off before moving to the next step.

Simply put: delegate to your staff with the assurance that everything will be done according to plan.

Your advantages


Business continuity


Optimized efficiency


Reports & transparency

Actionstep adapts to your needs with two customizable formulas

Standard use for legal practice automation

Comprises key features & strong efficiency boost

Advanced use for seamless work integration

Comprises all features & full integration in daily activities

Standard use for legal
practice automation

Comprises key features

& strong efficiency boost


Manage multiple Matters

Customize each of your matter types with a unique workflow (unique set of steps and tasks), folder structure, custom data fields, document templates, billing arrangements (if needed), and reports. Ensure that nothing gets missed.


Client Management

Give your clients a unique contact record, assign them to matters, and maintain a complete picture of your entire history with each individual client.


Client portal

Provide your clients with a secure portal to collaborate on documents, see matter updates, and chat with you in real-time.


Document automation

Create document templates that can be automatically populated with client and matter data, allowing you to save time and reduce manual errors. Save them or drag and drop documents directly into the matter from your desktop.


Time tracking

Start a timer from any screen, have multiple timers open simultaneously to track various activities simultaneously, set up predefined activity codes that allow you to quickly enter most common activities & much more.



You can run reports using different criteria to give you helpful insights into your team operations. You can also have direct access to your data to create custom reports and dashboards into your own BI tools.


Data security

Advanced use for seamless

work integration

Comprises all features & full integration in daily activities


MS Office integration

Actionstep lets you create, browse, open, edit, and save your Actionstep matter documents right from within Microsoft Office (e.g. Word). It’s just as easy as if they were stored on your local computer.


Email integration

Actionstep comes with a fully integrated email platform. Furthermore, the Outlook & Gmail integrations allow you to quickly link messages directly to matters in Actionstep and upload any attachments.


Calendar integration

Fully-integrated calendar and instant sync with Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, and Google calendars.



Benefit from an integrated & fully-customized form builder to collect information from any web interface (website, intranet, …), get instant alerts whenever a new webform is submitted and automatically start a new workflow from the data collected.


Add-ons & integrations

Connect to your other favorite software and services like Google Drive, HotDocs and lots more or  create your own integration with Zapier or the Actionstep API.


Mobile app

Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)

Is there any technical or functional support foreseen?

Of course.

GOlegal will assign you a single point of contact responsible for answering all your technical & functional questions.
If required, a live embedded chat can also be foreseen.

Am I limited to selecting the “Standard” or “Advanced” features package?

Not at all.

Features have been presented in two categories because we usually recommend on activating the “standard” ones before considering the “advanced” ones.

However, you can freely select whichever make most sense for your own context.

Some of the files handled by my staff are confidential; can Actionstep take care of it?

Yes, absolutely !

There are many possibilites to ensure that only the right profile get access to a specific file information.

At the “user” level: Access rights & privileges of users can be totally configured. As such, only specific profiles might have access to a specific matter type.

At the “case” level: Furthermore, restrictions can also be put on case-related elements. For example, only profiles active on a case can have access to it.

And much more.

Is training required for our staff?

Not necessarily.

Actionstep is an intuitive tool. It’s the whole point of migrating to a workflow-based structure that seamlessly enables you to make progress from one step to another while making sure everything has been taken care of.

Once setup, the system can be very easily used by any staff member based on his / her role access & rights.

While there is extensive support material available, we only recommend to have an overall demo of the system so that users get aquainted with the new features quicker.

Is Actionstep all I need to efficiently digitalize my legal team operations?

Yes and no.

The digital tool is the first and easy part of the solution. And in that aspect, YES, Actionstep is a fully-integrated solution capable of handling very efficiently all your legal matters.

However, expertly identifying how many and what exact type of matters you are using in your daily acitivites is the second part of the story. Pragmatically translating that reality into an intuitive and value-adding workflow is the finishing touch.

The last two parts of the equation are more complicated, but GOlegal is equipped to efficiently help you put that in place. No need for months-long implementation projects. It can all happen very quickly (few days) and progressively (worklfow after workflow & feature after feature based on your priorities).

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