Compensation & Benefits Check-up

Reduce costs while increasing your employee retention & attractiveness potential

Are you satisfied with your staff turnover? Do you think their remuneration is tax optimized? Do you want to limit your human resources costs or increase your employees' salaries?

GOlegal evaluates the potential for optimizing the compensation and benefits of your staff.

Weeks for execution


Prix fixes

Complementary expertise involved

What you get

Your advantages

What you get


Map of profiles and their optimization potential


Simulation of cost evolution (AS IS vs TO BE)


Prioritization of the optimization scheme

Your advantages


Reduce your compensation costs


Improve employee attractiveness and retention


Standardize your compensation structure

A 3-step process

1. Objective setting

You inform us of your context and the specific objectives you have for this assignment.

2. Population analysis

Together we group your employees in different categories based on different criteria such as responsibility, experience, expertise, etc.

3. Category rating

For each group, we carry out an analysis of the remuneration structure & level. We detect potential optimisation areas and the associated financial implications (social & fiscal; both from an employer and employee perspective).

We then prioritise these various optimisation areas based on their respective complexity in terms of implementation and your previously formulated objectives.

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