Compliance framework

Get your compliance under control from a risk-based perspective

Are you up-to-date on applicable compliance topics ? Do you find it challenging to implement and control the compliance of your processes ?

There are multiple ways of addressing risk & compliance governance and we’ve developed a specific methodology framework to address a wide range of compliance topics: from GDPR, to private corruption, and more. 

Whether you need assistance regarding your methodology (putting in place a framework to ensure compliance across your organization), the expertise required (on one or more topics) or the tools needed to pilot your compliance journey, GOlegal is here to help.

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    Fixed prices

    Complementary expertise involved

    What you get

    Your advantages

    What you get


    Maturity assessments across business units


    Cartography of weak & strong points


    Follow-up of actions to be implemented

    Your advantages


    Compliance under control


    Pragmatic approach

    Levers & actions are prioritized based on mitigation potential, impact type & probability


    Enhanced cross-departmental collaboration

    A 3-step process

    1. Objective setting

    The first step will be to concretely define what your objectives & needs are in 3 domains:

    • compliance topics (GDPR, private corruption, anti-money laundering, etc.) 
    • depth of ambition (risk identification, corrective action follow-up, perception measurements, etc.) …
    • functionalities needed
    2. Deploy our framework, adapted to your organization

    We’ll deploy the generic principles of our framework while adapting to the specificities of your organizational structure and internal operations. This means cooperative & iterative interactions with internal specialists & teams. Our framework is articulated around 4 interconnected dimensions:

    1. Know-how: legal constraints are translated into business concepts
    2. Levers: “assets” having a risk mitigation potential are identified and evaluated based on  their impact type, impact probability & impact level
    3. Governance: the list of levers creates a dynamic and automatically priorized roadmap to track progress, detect potential deviations & stay on track
    4. Awareness & Adoption: inform, brief, train, update, support & facilitate around the changes that colleagues all across the organization will have to deal with
    3. Design and delivery of useful & actionable outputs

    According to your needs and objectives, we deliver the following:

    • Recurrent maturity assessments in terms of compliance across relevan business units
    • Cartography of weak & strong points
    • Follow-up of actions to be implemented
    • Yearly retrospective reports
    • … and much more

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