DPO as a Service

Outsource your responsibilities as a DPO. Sit back, relax, GOlegal takes care of it!

Your GDPR initial assessment may get you to the conclusion that a Data Protection Officer needs to be appointed or, if not mandatory, that appointing one is at least recommended.

This DPO role could mean:

  • Appointing an unwilling and untrained employee – pointless;
  • Hiring a part-time or full-time worker – costly;
  • Doing nothing – risky.

GOlegal has a better way.

Weeks to get your outsourced DPO


Fixed prices

Complementary expertise involved

We act as Data Protection Officer or as Deputy DPO for your organization

1. As DPO, we can take over the whole mission

We proactively investigate, document and rectify the potential non-compliance within your organisation and that we assist the company management in staying compliant with evolving GDPR requirements.

Based on cutting edge expertise, we support the decision process of the company management/board with up to date, informed and pragmatic advice. This service of course also includes all points covered under the Deputy DPO option.

2. As Deputy DPO, we support your acting DPO

GOlegal provides expertise or capacity where needed, including:

  • Identification of deviations and shortcomings with regards to GDPR guidelines & constraints;
  • Full control over your data protection issues;
  • Implementation of relevant yet pragmative corrective actions;
  • Proactive information of the management about relevant development related to GDPR;
  • Continuous maintenance of documents such as the Data Protection Register;

What you get

Your advantages

What you get


Regular governance meetings


Dynamic roadmap


Annual retrospective report

Your advantages


Risk reduction


Limited additional workload


Sustainable compliance

An IT platform to pilot and track your compliance level

For who?

As an added bonus, we can provide our mid-sized customers or big corporations with a digital way to pilot and track their compliance level. This, throughout all entities, departments and stakeholders.

This support brings you not only a better compliance level but also and more importantly, peace of mind and focus on your core business.


The platform enables you to have complete control over your compliance. In the process, most of our customers get the following side-benefits:

  • Better data management and exploitation;
  • IT cost reduction;
  • Better vendor management etc.

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