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Information Technology (IT) refers to the use of computers, information storage, the use of networks and online platforms as well as the processes developed to create, process, store, secure and exchange all types of electronic data. Today, IT represents a large part of the economic life and mainly that of companies. IT is everywhere today and is essential to any economic activity.

These information technologies are often used in a company's business operations and in many cases involve the processing of personal data. IT includes several levels of equipment that perform key functions, virtualization, management or automation tools, operating systems and applications or software. This includes personal databases, transactional systems (such as online payment services), email servers, web servers, and customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.
In the digital age, our expert team of more than 100 lawyers is ready to assist you in solving any legal issue related to the IT and technology fields.


We help you stand with you

A whole specialized team

Continuous work

What you get

Your advantages

What you get


Continous expert legal support connected to many other peers


All legal matters covered


Multi language, multi-jurisdiction

Your advantages


Flexible One stop shop legal expertise


Legal risk mitigation


Affordable pricing

One or more lawyers, that can handle any request

The support of a global network of lawyers serving your specific needs

GOlegal makes available to you at least one lawyer working on site or remotely who can handle any request him/herself or with the support of other GOlegal’s lawyers at the best quality-price ratio: 

  • A single expert;
  • That covers all legal fields and many languages;
  • Working from a distance or, as needed, in your premises;
  • Paid at a fixed price known before the work starts.
Easy, flexible and cost-saving

This service will allow your company to cover all its variable needs in expertise and competences with a single contact points dedicated to you.

You can use this service on an occasional or continuous basis and with our Value Points system, you benefit from loyalty bonuses!

This is new, it works and our customers love it!

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